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Tropical Storm Bertha has formed over the Atlantic with winds of 45 miles per hour. The storm is not forecast to become a hurricane. The storm is not forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico.



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Death toll up to 29 due to severe weather across six states

Severe weather has claimed the lives of 29 people across six states this week.
Eight of them died in Mississippi on Monday as strong storms swept through the state.
Tupelo appears to be the hardest hit.
Homes there were ravaged and commercial buildings were wiped away.
ABC's Scott Goldberg is Tupelo with a closer look at what happened.

Tornado season started late - but with a vengeance  and the system that has already produced *killer* storms  is now pummeling parts of the south and central US for a third day

"It's crossing the road right in front of me"
Two twisters ripped thorough Mississippi yesterday

"It's a big wedge.. it's a big wedge"
In Tupelo  WTVA Meteorologist Matt Labhan was on the air.. warning viewers about the danger when he had to tell his co-workers to run for cover
"Big tornado.. get to the basement now!!"
"I tell people at home at that point you gotta get to your safe place, what kind of example are we setting if we don't go?"
Restaurant owner --Vozspi Vanelli - saw the tornado coming and rushed his staff and customers into this cooler. When they came out.. they couldn't believe what they saw..

 I mean.. it's like WOW// you hear the proverbial train coming through.. your ears pop.. 10-15 sec later it's stopped." Sirens to the east in Alabama .

 "Holy crap! That's like two tornadoes over there!"
13 tornadoes touched down across the state
"That's a tornado, right there"
In the town of Kimberly 25 people were inside when the twister struck amazingly they all survived..
But statewide  there were at least two deaths .  Even in tornado savvy Alabama  preparing for mother nature's wrath  doesn't mean everyone escapes it

"Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do Los Angeles may have
earthquakes.. other places may have hurricanes.. we have tornadoes in the first 48 hours of this tornado outbreak  there were close to 120 * reported* twisters  in 10 different states.

And though the system  seems to be moving away here  some forecasters say it could stall or even return  delivering another punch  to communities - that  just got hit hard
SG ABC News Tupelo Mississippi