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Lightning damage in Santa Rosa and Escambia County

ESCAMBIA COUNTY - According to the Centers for Disease  Control Florida is considered the "lightning capital" of the country.
There  has been more than 2,000 lightning injuries recorded over the past 50 years.
Early Tuesday morning  a detached garage in Gulf Breeze was struck by lightning and caught fire causing nearly $250,000 in damage.
A shed in Cantonment was also struck causing thousands of dollars in damage.
The ashes on the ground are still warm. Inside what use to be a shed, you can still see a lawnmower and an antique table in the corner, but everything has been destroyed. And the homeowner said it was a lightning strike that set this shed on fire.
A single lightning bolt is about 50,000degf . That's five times hotter than the suns surface.
It's no wonder after the shed was hit by lightning it went up in flames.
Margaret Boyett says around 6:00 Tuesday morning her neighbor knocked on her door.
 "She said my shed was on fire. By the time I got out I couldn't do nothing," said Boyett. 
The fire caused thousands of dollars in damage.
Boyett, now has to buy all new lawn maintenance equipment.

"It's heart breaking. Even though I do have some insurance that's going to cover some, but I hate losing it," said Boyett. 

But, Boyett says things could've been much worse a wire was connected to the back of the shed and lead up to the home. Flames traveled down the wire and even burnt the side of the house, but luckily enough fire fighters were able to put it out before the home caught fire.
"I'm more scared of it now  then I was. I knew last night because we had a lot of bad lightning strikes," said Boyett. 

This detachable garage in Gulf Breeze didn't fare so well either after being hit by lightning.

Fire ripped through the second story causing nearly $250,000  in damage.
It took fire fighters an hour to put the blaze out.  Experts say the peak season for lightning strikes is in the Summer.
Lightning can strike even when a thunderstorm is five to ten miles away, so if you hear thunder it's best to go indoors.