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Labor Department reworks rules for overtime

Millions of people could see higher paychecks or fewer work hours if the Labor Department reworks the rules for overtime exemptions.

President Obama is expected to order just that tomorrow.
Right now, the law requires that people who work more than forty hours a week get paid time and a half for that extra work.
It also provides exemptions for some "white collar" workers.
That includes executives, creative professionals, computer techs, and first responders who earn at least 455- dollars a week.
Critics, like House Speaker John Boehner, say changing the rules could eliminate jobs.
Rep. John Boehner/(R) House Speaker: "The President's policies are making it difficult for employers to expand employment and until the President's policies get out of the way, employers are going to continue to sit on their hands."

How could this affect business owners and salaried workers.
"Many of us are used to working a 40 hour work week and sometimes we have to put in a little extra work or overtime and some salary employees are not compensated for that extra work."
Right now if you make 455-dollars a week or 24,000 a year you don't receive overtime pay over that threshold..
Obama's order could increase that salary level to between 600 and 1,000 dollars.

Which could take more money from corporations and place it in the pockets of their employees.

Around 14 of the 120 employees at  Seville Quarter are salaried.
Co-owner Douglas Mitchell says the new order wouldn't affect his business..

Douglas Mitchell  "We come up with an hourly then we go to 40 hours with that hourly and then after that if they are 45 hours or 50 then we add the overtime there, add those two together, and that's how we come up with our salary."
Nora Dollen has been the supervisor of the cleaners at Seville Quarter for nearly a year..
And says they make sure she always gets compensated for extra hours..

Nora Dollen  "You know you get wore out, if you pull 50 in a week they'll say no take a few days off and that's pretty good to me because I could use some days off."

"If we have a big week because of special events and they worked 4 or 5 extra hours then generally the next week we'll try to back up 4 or 5  hours, so it balances out."
Nora says the Executive Order to expand is something the nation needs..
"I think they should get extra money and get overtime because they are helping that company stay built."

"Obama plans to use the executive order to the labor department to raise that threshold. It's a process that could take several months."   

Nothing will change right away....
The Labor Department will propose new rules and take public comment on them before anything is finalized