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E-cigarettes becoming problem with youth

There have been growing concerns about electronic cigarettes and young people.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says experimental use of nicotine-fueled e-cigarettes has doubled among middle and high school students.

As Tom Regan explains, some students are even smoking the devices in. 

E-cigarettes contain a battery device for vaporizing a liquid that contains nicotine and flavorings.

Since they don't contain tar, they're are not as unhealthy are conventional cigarettes.
            But the CDC says they're still putting young people at risk..

E -cigarettes, once a novelty are taking hold in Georgia, anyone can buy them, even kids.
Experimental use by middle and high school students doubled nationwide from 2011 to 2012 and went from from 5 to 10 percent of high school students.

The Director of Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on smoking and health, told me millions of dollars in television advertising and celebrity endorsements has encouraged millions of young people to give it a try.
Dr. Tim Mcafee, said "They are cheaper, they are easily available and and strongly promoted using themes that appeal to youth."
Because e-cigarettes are unregulated there's no way to know for sure the toxin they contain, nor the amount of nicotine .
And that, says Mcafee, makes the products so risky for children and teenagers.
     "We know that nicotine itself is harmful to the developing adolescent brain."
The CDC says the other troubling concern of young people using e-cigarettes is that it could increase the chance of experimenting with conventional cigarettes.
            "We are worried about kids using nicotine at all."
We do have reports, including from the Atlanta area, of kids in public high schools using e-cigs in the classroom,
Because it doesn't have an odor and can be used surreptitiously.