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Mid-bay connector hidden fees

Drivers on an Okaloosa County toll road got a temporary break from administrative fees, but that will be ending soon.
The mid-bay connector opened in January.

Some drivers who chose to be billed by mail complained that the admin fee hiked their bills without warning.
A temporary suspension of that fee will end April 7.

That's the mid-bay connector behind me. When you go through the toll booth at the mid-bay bridge, they're now giving you this information sheet about the mid-bay connector, including all the different ways to pay.
    It's a smooth new road that lets drivers bypass tons of traffic.
Carl Gustman said, "I use the bypass every day, to work and from work"

Carl Gustman pays by Sunpass; a dollar a trip.

The problem arose for drivers who chose the $1.50, toll-by-plate option.

Turns out the state tacks on a $2.50 monthly administrative fee for mailing the bill.

Some drivers who took the road once, paid more than double what they expected
"You're thinking it's a $1.50, and then you're being charged $4.50 or $4 dollars or whatever, I guess you guys will let everybody know, but...I  would be....it'd be crazy. I'd say go get the Sunpass"

The Florida turnpike authority temporarily suspended the admin fee, so people could have time to get Sunpass if they chose.
    It's a pre-paid option that offers a discount and no extra fees.

But some say even with Sunpass, the tolls are too much, especially if you're using the mid-bay bridge too.

Shanne Mitchell says locals can find other ways around.
"You find ways to get where you need to go without having to pay the state extra money"

For toll-by-plate drivers, the state will resume charging the administrative fee on April 7.

When we first reported on the issue of admin fees, back in February, we told you the mid-bay bridge authority was planning to put up signs, and here they are...."we will bill you with toll-by-plate, subject to admin fees".