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Search continues for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

More than two days of desperate searching have brought rescue teams no closer to knowing what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
The flight -- with 239 people on board seemed to vanish into thin air over the South China Sea on Friday.

An international search party including the United States has found nothing but false leads -- and frustration.
After three full days of searching, still no sign of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. it's very very important that we have to find the aircraft

Investigators now say those oil slicks spotted in the South China Sea are not from an airplane.  Debris thought to be the plane's door was spotted from the air, but nothing has been recovered or confirmed.

Today the search area is doubling from 50 to 100 nautical miles.  More than 30 aircraft and 40 ships -- including two from the US Navy -- are scouring the area.

But the hunt for the missing Boeing Triple-7 is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
There's literally tens of thousands of miles of ocean that are going to have to be searched.
Investigators are not ruling anything out, including catastrophic mechanical failure or terrorism.

Raising concerns, two passengers with stolen passports and one-way tickets apparently bought together from aThai travel agency. Authorities say they've identified the men on airport surveillance cameras. Their details will be forwarded to the intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, anxious family and friends of the 239 on board Flight 370 are being told to "prepare themselves for the worst."

One of the three American passengers is 50-year-old IBM executive Philip Wood. His two sons in Texas are coming to terms with their grief --
I'll never really give up hope but that doesn't mean that I won't accept that he may not come back it's a race against time to find those critical Black Boxes from the plane. the locator beacon stops sending signals in