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"The Gala of the Royal Horses"

The "Gala of the Royal Horses" is at the Pensacola Bay Center today.
The program showcases the elegance and skills of several European breeds.

"There's something amazing about the balance between the power and the beauty of horses like this.  And you have a chance to see them up close and personal at the Gala of the Royal Horses."

Riding Master Rene Gasser has been riding horses for as long as he can remember.
"Well I've been doing it all my life.  I was born into it.  My family goes back seven generations."

Originally from Switzerland, he now lives in Australia and travels the world to showcase horses from the royal families of Europe.
"The horses..., I've brought them with me from Australia.  We've got horses that are imported from Spain, Holland, Austria, and we also have a beautiful Arabian Stallion with us as well."

I asked Gasser if he thinks the horses know they are performing for the crowds.
"Absolutely, absolutely...  I swear some of the Stallions grow about a couple of inches every time they come out.  You know, they life themselves up and the music and everything."

And the crowds show their appreciation in return.

"And a lot of ladies, older ladies who used to have horses you know, they've got their tissues up..."

The Gala of the Royal Horses also brings around 25 riders and performers for the dazzling show.

"It's a lot of dressage, but we're not just for dressage, we're entertainers.  So, it's the costumes and the music and them performing to that music that makes the whole thing beautiful."

(Reporter:  You look like you enjoy what you do, do you?)  "I love it.  (Laughs)  I love it."

You have two chances to see the Gala of the Royal Horses at the Pensacola Bay Center. 

The shows are today at 2pm, and again at 7pm.