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More info on Crestview abduction

The contract worker who was supposed to be watching a child with autism, who was abducted has been placed on administrative leave.

Three year old Emmanuel Menz was having a supervised visit with his parents Thursday at a Burger King on South Ferdon Boulevard.
The contract worker for the Department of Children and Families who was observing went to the bathroom.

The parents, Karl Menz and Virginia Lynch took off with Emmanuel.
They ditched their own car.
And may be driving a white van with UHaul markings.
"The Burger King Karl Menz and Virginia Lynch took 3 year old Emmanuel Menz from and notice how close it is to the interstate. Police say that could've been part of their plan."

It's still unclear as to why 3 year old Emmanuel Menz was taken away from his parents and placed in Foster Care for the past 6-months..
He's had supervised visits with his parents before but this was the first time they met in Crestview.

"The location was at an on ramp to the interstate either way again part of their plan."
Very little is known about the couple.
Menz is from Ohio and Lynch from the Philippines.    

"We don't know how they met and there has been no steady employment with either one of them, no addresses. All the addresses we've had have turned out to be fictitious or mail rooms."

Chief Tony Taylor says the family has yet to have been spotted.
"These are  people that have obviously kept off the radar for quite a while now and they're continuing to do so. I would venture to guess that they are not in Florida anymore."

Law enforcement is asking for people to keep their eyes open especially around campgrounds and large parking lot areas.

"Those are the last two places we can put them I believe was at Henderson Beach campground and the day of the kidnapping they checked out of Blackwater Campground."

Police say Emmanuel is a child with Autism and has severe asthma.
"The child does have autistic characteristics. He likes to twirl his hair, he hides under tables, doesn't like bright lights or loud noises, he stacks things in groups of threes, and he's non verbal."

Many say the blame for the kidnapping should also lie with the person who supervised the visit.

April Meier "To me I just thought it was really strange that they just turned their back and left the child there knowing it was a supervised visit."

Colleen Sapp  "He should've never been unattended the Social Worker should've been held responsible as well as the parents."

The Department of Children and Families says the contracted employee has been placed on administrative leave..

"Police say Menz and Lynch are not considered dangerous, but if you see them do not approach. Contact law enforcement immediately.