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Local Students Celebrate National Pi Day

SANTA ROSA COUNTY 26 years ago, National Pi Day was born in America, Its where math lovers across the country celebrate 3.14 and countless numbers after it.   Remember back in math class we learned the ratio of circles circumference, to its diameter is equal to 3.14 or Pi. Annette Nixon has celebrated Pi Day with her math students for two decades.   "For me it's okay to be nerdy so I have them embrace their inner nerd" said Annette Nixon, Gulf Breeze Middle School Math Teacher.   Many self-proclaimed math nerds spend Pi Day reciting 3.14 and the countless numbers that follow, after all Pi is infinite.  In celebration of the day, students and teachers painted Pensacolas graffiti bridge in anticipation to the big Pi competition.  Its where students compete to see who can recite the most numbers of Pi. Tulla Bee Picardi got up to 60.   "I'm a really visual person so I kind of group them in tens as I'm saying it and it helps me memorize them" said Tulla Bee Picardi, 6th Grade.   Erin Scott reached a hundred.   "My brother taught me the first 20 then I learned them in increments of three" said Erin Scott.   Liam Werner managed to break the schools record.   "I recited 314 digits of pie today" said Liam Werner.   Competition aside, Nixons glad shes able to inspire her students to take an interest in math and make it fun.   "I'd say 75% of the kids will end up learning at least 50 digits of pi" said Nixon.   Next years National Pi day is expected to be even bigger after all it will be 3-14-15.