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Escambia County administrator search continue

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  It's been 18 months filled with false starts, setbacks and lots of politics.
Escambia County will spend more than 30 thousand dollars on a search for a new administrator.
It's a search that seems to have no end.
They say that all politics is local and that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And in the search for a new Escambia County Administrator that is certainly the case.
We were hoping for a decision today but in the end, we didn't get one.

It's not just in Washington or Tallahassee.
Political gridlock, government disfunction, egos and feuds.

Gene Valentino at podium telling Grover to "Shut Up"
"Are we going to follow some parochial rules? (Interruption) Mister Chairman, will you tell him to shut up (Arguing)"

18 months of searching five final candidates still no decision.
Commissioners Gene Valentino and Wilson Robertson are pushing to add Interim County Administrator Larry Newsom to the mix.   Steven Barry, Grover Robinson and Chairman Lumon May want to take the process forward as is.

The question now is who will want the job when the smoke clears?
High turn over, the whims battling commissioners and all this at a crucial time for Escambia County.

Lumon May/BOCC Chairman
"It started this process supporting openness and transparency, and I want to elect the county administrator that there's no room for any doubt or question about the process."

Gene Valentino/supports Larry Newsom for job
"The real challenge here is to make sure that the county is best served. And who will fill the shoes of the administrator who can best do that job, fill that job for this community."

And what about the citizens of Escambia County?
People asking why it's taking so long.   Questioning the whole process and the behavior of some commissioners.

Rory Cassedy/Escambia County Resident
"It probably crosses the line, but again I deal with South Mississippi, South Alabama and Northwest Florida and I have seen a lot worse, a lot worse."

The commissioners will pick up the discussion again in two weeks time at the next full board meeting.