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LATEST UPDATE: Missing Malaysian plane

The multinational hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resumed today across a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean.

Search and rescue teams spotted three objects during today's search.
But they have yet to find a large field of debris seen in new satellite images. 
A possible break in the hunt for Flight 370 --
Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia Acting Minister of Transport - "This is still the most credible lead that we have"
New French satellite images, taken three days ago, show a *field* of debris. 122 items between 3-feet and 75-feet long floating in the Indian Ocean.

Tony Abbott, Australian PM - A considerable amount of debris has been sighted in the area where the flight was last recorded.

So far, none of it has been recovered or confirmed.  An intense search by 12 planes and 6 ships failed to find what the satellites saw.

Malaysian official briefing families - Our next action when we find the aircraft, that is the salvaging of the aircraft.

Today Malaysian officials briefed families on the status of the investigation, two days after the prime minister declared there were no survivors from the missing plane.

But with no wreckage found, some relatives are accusing the government and airline of hiding evidence.

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia Acting Minister of Transport - Time will heal emotions that are running high.  Understand that this is a global effort and not blaming directly Malaysia because we are coordinating something that is unprecedented.

The search for answers is also a race against the clock. The pingers on the black boxes, if they are working, have just 11 days of battery life before the ticking sound will fade.

The US Navy has flown in a submersible listening device that's towed behind a ship but that device won't be in the water for several more days.