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Walmart Money card theft

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  A Pensacola woman says nearly every dollar to her name was stolen off of a Walmart Money Card.
Now she's trying to get that money back and sending a warning to others who use the card.
Rob Brown "Imagine waking up one morning, and finding all of your money was gone. That's what one Pensacola woman says happened with her Walmart prepaid card."

Christy Dore had over $1700 loaded onto her prepaid Walmart card.
The card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.
After it was declined paying a bill, she discovered multiple fraudulent ATM withdrawals and purchases.
Dore says she's not the only victim.

Christy Dore "Since it's happened, I've seen people online, probably hundreds of them, who say that if they had their income tax check put on there, it's gone."

We found pages of comments at sites including consumer
Many who've had money taken say it happened after updating their security profile on the money-card website.

Christy Dore "I had changed my password and my pin number of my card, because I was worried about the Christmas problem.

Christy Dore "The next day, my money was gone, after I went on the website."
The company who issued her card, Green Dot Corporation, is investigating, but told Christy, all charges needed to clear before they could be disputed and refunded.
That could take weeks.
Dore says she'd put away a few hundred dollars for an emergency, and if she hadn't.

Christy Dore "I'd be in serious trouble. And you know, Gulf Power doesn't want to hear. The gas people aren't going to hear it. The car people. I know they probably can sympathize, but it's not going to pay the bill."
Rob Brown "Dore says local authorities told her Walmart would have to investigate before they could."