• Victims identified in Baldwin County plane crash

    07/23/14 19:25:49

    Two bodies have been found in the wreckage of a plane crash in Baldwin County, AL. They are identified as 67 year old Dean Legidakes and 15 year old Marli McManus.

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Ensley first grader takes charge when fire rips through home

ENSLEY  --  Escambia County firefighters say the quick thinking and actions of a little boy saved his family and most of their home.

Last night on Channing Place in Ensley -- firefighters battled a housefire that was called in by a first grader.

(("Thank God, it coulda been worse, but God was with us."))
It's a surreal morning after what had started as a normal night for Gwen Sims and her young son.

Bath and bed for DJ,  late supper for mom.
(("I had a pot on the stove.  I coulda sworn I cut it off and he called me and I ran to the back."))

As she was tucking DJ  back in.
(("He said, 'Mama, I hear something popping and I ran in here to see what it was and in a few seconds, it was all up."))

DJ followed her down the hall, holding his pride and joy -- the cell phone Gwen just gave him for his 7th birthday.

(("I said, 'DJ, give me the phone and let me call the fire department.' 'Mama, I'm already on the phone talking to them."))

((14425- "I need everybody out of the house, okay?"  DJ yells))
After telling the operator his neighborhood and street name and that there was a fire, DJ stayed on the phone to answer questions, keeping his calm, and even his manners.

"Do you see smoke or flames? 
"Smoke"  coughs.  "Is everybody out of the house?"  "Yes m'am."))
But Gwen went back in -- DJ was not having it.
(("He said, 'Mama come on, come one mama.' and kept pulling on me.  I said, DJ, you run.  He said, 'No mama, I ain't gonna leave you, we gotta go."))

Escambia County firefighter lt. Bryan Caro helped fight the fire -- he says DJ's insistence his mother leave, and his quick call, probably saved her life, and certainly preserved most of the house.

(("Nothing is more important than you.  Nintendo, Game Boy, P.S. 4, we can always get more of those, we can't get more of you."))

DJ went to school, but he wanted to stay home and protect his mother.  His grandmother says that's her little man.

(("I am so proud of grandson, that he was so smart and had his own little cell phone to do this, he is a very smart little boy."))

((I'm happy this morning, when he woke up, 'I'm happy today'.  He says, cause we living.  I said, 'Yeah, give mama a big old hug."))