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Putin moves on Ukraine despite warning from Obama

Canada says it's pulling its Ambassador from Russia after this weekends developments .
Russian President Vladimir Putin is making his move on the country, despite a warning from President Obama.
    Now the whole world is now watching to see what's next.

Violent and bloody clashes filled the streets as pro-Russian demonstrators battled supporters of the new Ukranian Government.
Tensions flared as flags on Government buildings being ripped down and Russian flags raised.

Ukraine's acting President put the country's armed forces on alert because of "possible aggression."

Russia's parliament gave President Putin the green light to use military force in the Ukraine, a blatant defiance of President Obama's warning Friday.
    "There will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine."

After a high-level meeting at the White House, the President phoned Putin to express his deep concern over Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and breach of international law. He cautioned his Russian counterpart to defuse tensions by withdrawing Russain troops.

That message was reiterated at the United Nations.

After meeting privately the Security Council heard from several Ambassadors in an open televised session over the objections of Russia.
US Ambassador Samantha Powell said, "Russia's provocative actions could easily push the situation beyond the breaking point."

If the crisis continues to escalate, the US could stop taking part in preparation for the G8 summit in Sochi.