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On the map below, the circle over the Gulf of Mexico is for an area of low pressure heading toward Texas.  Development is not expected.  Also, we're tracking Cristobal and a tropical wave over the Atlantic Ocean that may become another depression though chances are low.



WEAR - Search Results

The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

LATEST: Missing Malaysian flight

The US military has been asked to dispatch a Navy destroyer to the edge of the Indian Ocean to look for the  missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

That's where a senior Pentagon official says there is an "indication" the aircraft may have gone down.
The search area now covers more than 27,000 nautical square miles -- spanning a distance greater than Chicago to Atlanta.
They are hoping this leads to some answers because so far every clue and every theory have turned up *nothing*.

"You have a lack of data, you're trying to work with everything you have. You have all this information coming in. Malaysia is not a large organization like we have in the U S with the FAA and the NTSB."
In addition there are technical indicators suggesting the plane continued to fly for an unspecified period of time after civilian air traffic controllers lost radar contact with the jet.
Malaysian authorities and Boeing apparently did not downlink the data, so details from plane's transmissions are not known.
But, the fact that the jet was continuing to send signals is a strong indication that the jet did not crash immediately after radar contact was lost.