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Escambia County law enforcement seek to keep spring break fun but safe

PENSACOLA BEACH  --  Each year thousands of college students come our beaches for spring break..
They eat at our restaurants, shop, and play.
And some of them will end up behind bars for underage drinking.
"Spring break is a time for high school and college student to take break from their course get out here on the beach and have a good time, but sometimes that good time can involve illegal activities."
Lieutenant Mike Ward says so far spring break on Pensacola Beach has been going smoothly.
The majority  of students have been respectful and friendly..
But under age drinking  is inevitable..
"We try to keep a close eye on that and and we'll be on the beach itself at night, we'll go on the boardwalk, check the bars, and go through the neighborhoods and check a few of the houses out they're renting just to make sure that everything is going smooth."
Deputies want the spring breakers to have a good time but if they look under age they will check ID's and coolers.
Ward says to always bring your ID with you.
"If we get out here and somebody has been out in the sun to long and they're passed out we have no idea who they are, so if they have an idea at least we have some place to start to get them identified."
Students crowd the beach playing football, volleyball, and frisbee..
While cracking open a cold beer.

James Wiedenheft  "We have a lot going on with college and all of that so this is a nice way to kind of relax and get away from the cold Ohio weather."
James Wiedenheft and his group are old enough to drink  but say they have a designated driver..
"You don't want to drink and drive I mean you don't want anyone to get injured especially on spring break where everyone is suppose to be having fun ."
19 year old Jacob Koltick and his friends decided underage drinking wasn't worth the penalties.

Jacob Kotick  "Kids my age now a days try to sneak things and it's just no way to live trying to hide stuff and  it's always fun to  come out here and have a good clean time."

"If you're out here on the beach fro spring break remember to also drink plenty of water and in between those alcoholic beverages."