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UPDATE: Coyotes roaming residential areas in Milton

MILTON  --  People who live in a Milton neighborhood say coyotes are becoming a problem.

They're worried about coyotes near the Santa Rosa County Landfill, on Dawson Road.

They say the animals are coming into their yards day and night and killing small animals.

Jenise Fernandez
This is a tail of a coyote Brian Wood killed.
He says that coyote was hiding under his shed and lunged at him.
Now he's doing whatever he can to keep them off his property.
Right next to the Santa Rosa County Landfill sits Brian Wood's home. He's been here for two years.
Out near the woods, it's not unusual to see coyotes here.
But lately, he says more and more are creeping around.

"We're seeing a lot more during the daytime now then when we first moved here"

He says he doesn't let his children play outside, fearful a coyote may attack.
He's trying to make sure there's nothing around that'll attract them.

"Over on that hill at night, you can head anywhere from what sounds like a hundred or 200 at a time"

His neighbor down the street Billy Smith says a coyote killed his dog and 11 of his chickens.

"Nothing we can do. We can't kill them. Costs too much to hire a trapper"

The Santa Rosa County Department of Health says, the animals are probably hanging around the landfill because they're looking for food.
They advise everyone in this area to not leave food outside and keep any small animals inside.

"I would like for the county to put some traps over by the landfill at least to try and diminish it"

Jenise Fernandez
A spokesperson with Santa Rosa County says they haven't received any complaints about coyotes. But they are looking into the issue.