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Hobby Lobby challenges Affordable Healthcare Act

"Hobby Lobby" is challenging President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act.
The craft chain owners say the "contraceptive mandate violates" their religious freedom.

They claim the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects them from having to provide birth control pills or any other contraceptives like Plan-B to their 1300 employees.

The Supreme Court heard arguments from the owners today.
"Hobby Lobby is saying no to the Affordable Health Care Act, but many of it's loyal shoppers are backing the company in their decision ."

The name says it all.   Hobby Lobby.
If you have a hobby this is the place for supplies.
The store has just about any thing you would need for a craft project. And the owners hold strong to their values.

Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court heard arguments from the craft store owners about the Affordable Health Care Act. They claimed the  contraceptive mandate violates their religious freedom.

Diane Klinedinst "I'm hoping and praying that the Supreme Court will side with Hobby Lobby, so that in the future we might have freedom of religion in personal life and private business."

Susan Pollak shops at the store at least once a week.
And says she stands by the owners beliefs.

Susan Pollak "They are sticking to their convictions and I think it's a good thing in this day and age. I think they need to stand by what they believe."

Some say it's up to the individual employee to provide their own contraceptives
"It's not hard to get birth control any where in the United States."

Susan Pollak "My husband runs a business and I think they have the right to voice their own feelings and run their own business."

Others disagree with the craft chain store and are worried if the store owners get their way other companies could follow suit and many women wouldn't be able to afford contraceptives.

Laresia Kelly "I can't believe it. I think every woman, girls, females especially today have the right to protect themselves."

"The Obama Administration says if the businesses win in the court ruling it could effect governing social security taxes, immunizations, and minimum wage."