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Fla. funeral home buries wrong baby in mix-up

A Florida family thought they were burying their baby, but at the funeral there was a heartbreaking mistake.

The funeral home buried the wrong casket without the infant inside. The baby boy, Netfah Jabari Malcolm Junior died March 2 just two weeks after he was born premature. After placing flowers and saying their final goodbyes, the family watched as the casket was lowered into the ground. But the family says that's when someone from the funeral home interrupted the service and grabbed the casket.

Relatives caught workers on camera carrying a white casket back into the funeral home. If you look closely it appears to be covered with a pink blanket for a baby girl's funeral. Moments later they returned with another casket. They opened it and asked the family to make sure it was the right body, then continued with the burial.

"And then I see them coming. They took the casket back out of the hole. And went into the car and meanwhile the other one pulled up and put our baby and put him out there."

"They wasn't sure that the baby was ours so they had to open the casket and verify the body and then they asked us do we want to do another service all over again when we already thought they buried my nephew."

The family is outraged and demanding answers. The owner of the business did not want to comment on camera. He said the original casket was empty, and it was a simple mistake.