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Some lawmakers want public officials drugtested

Some Florida lawmakers want to make sure public officers are drug free while serving in office.
A new bill was proposed after Representative Trey Radel pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine.
Channel 3's Amber Southard has more on how the law would work and what people in our area think about it.

Right now it's not mandatory for county commissioners, city council members, or any Florida law maker to take a drug test before they are elected, but a new house bill would change that."
House Bill, Drug Free Public Officers, would require all of those in office to be drug tested within 60 days of taking office or being reelected.
Those who refuse the test would be forced to resign.
Many people were shocked to hear this step wasn't already mandatory..

Jim Day  "You don't want someone who's wacked out of their mind being in charge."

Julius Savage  "Everyone else has to take a drug test why don't they?"

Doug Adams  "If I go to work for somebody I have to get a drug test as well, so I would say that's probably not a bad thing."
If the official's test returns positive, they would be refered to a treatment program.

 "I think everybody deserves a second chance. People do make mistakes you know live and learn."

A public records exemption to the bill has also been proposed..
Making the results of the drug test private and exempt from the Sunshine Law.

Jim Day  "The whole thing seems a bit odd..that you're going to have a test but we can't know about it."

Julius Savage  "That's not right. They put everyone else's business out on the street."
But others say it is a private matter and we the people don't need to know.

"No, I don't think it should be public knowledge I think if it happens and it's held within..internal that's fine."

This bill still has a few hurdles to jump through many are afraid it could be affected by the fourth amendment right. Reporting in Escambia County Amber Southard Channel 3 News.