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Santa Rosa County students suspended for fake pot brownies

SANTA ROSA COUNTY   --  The "Zero Tolerance" policy on drugs has led to the suspension of four students in Santa Rosa County.

The incident happened at Sims Middle School in Pace last Thursday.
 It turns out, those brownies had no marijuana in them at all

But the four students involved got a crash course in  'what happens when you pretend to bring drugs to school.'

Four students stayed home instead of attending class at Sims Middle School Tuesday.
Last week, one student brought brownies to lunch, claiming they were baked with marijuana inside them.

The student then handed out the brownies, giving the impression to three other students they contained the drug.

The decision to eat the alleged 'tainted brownies' knowingly, is what cost the students.
Coleen Pate: "I don't see a reason to say there is marijuana in something when there's not. It's a big problem in our area and it needs to be addressed"

Santa Rosa County Superintendent, Tim Wyrosdick says because the brownies were reported as a controlled substance the district handles the situation like the real thing.     
Wayne Pugh: "If they say something that's proves out to be something else, I still think there ought to be something made of it"
According to Code of Student Conduct...
The drug policy applies to students who distribute drugs, even if it turns out not to be real but is perceived to be the real thing.

Students who take the drugs real or fake, are also subject to the drug policy, that could result in a suspension and a disciplinary hearing for alternative placement or expulsion.

People around town had mixed opinions on how the district handled the situation.
Nathan Austin: "If they found drugs then they got to pay the price but no drugs, you've got to go back to school because suspension is a big thing"

Edmund Cruz: "Once they found out that it's not they should do different punishments  maybe something in school so they can still get their education"

Those 4 students will have their disciplinary hearing in front of the school board in the coming days.