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Ukraine's President impeached

New developments tonight in Ukraine, where the government is trying to work with opposition leaders to end violent protests.
    The country's President was impeached by Parliament today.
But the question still remains, will Ukraine align with Russia or Western Europe?

After a bloody week Kiev awoke to this, peace.
The riot police gone.

After striking a deal with opposition leaders Friday Ukraine's President and his allies fled the city overnight.

Abandoning his mansion outside the Capital ordinary Ukrainians flocked there to gape at the opulent grounds

President Yanukovich's political support melted away too.
In parliament, the opposition seized the chance
-impeaching the president
-scheduling early elections
-forming an interim government
-and freeing former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko the President's rival, who had been jailed for two and a half years.

After her release she flew to the Kiev, where she addressed the square.

But President Yanukovich was defiant vowing to continue the fight comparing the protesters to Nazis
For now the mood in the square is (tbd).

"I think that Yanukovych is no longer a representer of our country."

But big questions remain can this country stay together and can the peace hold?