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Debris from winter storm ends up in Blackwater River

SANTA ROSA COUNTY - The frigid weather last week caused many road closures due to accidents.
But one of the worst accidents in our area involved 17 vehicles on the Blackwater River Bridge on Interstate 10.

Two people  were killed and several others injured .  Many of the vehicles involved were trucks hauling loads of different items.
Some of those items ended up in the river and floated ashore in the Plantation Cove subdivision.
Just about a week ago a deadly accident caused by ice on the interstate bridge was cleaned up, but neighbors say that some of the debris from that accident has floated ashore in their back yards.   
Kenneth Maybie has lived near the bridge for 10 years and says garbage from time to time floats up behind his home.
But, he's never seen a 55-gallon barrel.
 "I don't know what's in that drum, so I'm not going to handle it. I want them they are licensed and let them come down and handle it they are paid to do it," said Kenneth Maybie.
He says he called many different agencies asking for them to remove the items.
"I called the Florida Fish and Wildlife and they got back telling me that us in the area would have to clean this up that  they weren't interested in it and you could break your finger in dialing no body gets back to you," said  Maybie.
So, we decided to make the same calls and were told by FWC..it was an DEP issue. A DEP spokesperson told us they were taking care of the situation by contracting a company to clean up the mess.  And that it was vinegar inside the drum and not harmful. But, it could take a few days before the items could be removed.
Maybie and his neighbors say they are holding to their agreement to not touch the barrel.

 "We're all in terms with this that it's going to stay there nobody is going to handle it. It could float out for all I care. They don't want to care about it I don't care about it," said Maybie.
  If you find any kind of debris believed to be from this accident you can call the Florida Department of Environmental Protections non-emergency State Watch Office at 1-800-320-0519.