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  • Auburn University cancels class for the day

    04/16/14 14:13:57

    Auburn University cancels classes today due to threatening message posted in a restroom. Says threat was connected to the anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

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Red light cameras are working, says City of Milton

Lawmakers hoping to repeal the state's red light camera law got more fuel to back their argument.

A new report shows deadly crashes went down about 49 percent at intersections with red light cameras.
But, the total number of crashes actually went up.

The report also found, red light camera fines generated about 119 million dollars, with cities and counties receiving more than 50 million of those funds.

But channel three's Jenise Fernandez explains, at least one city in Santa Rosa County says these red light cameras are working, and they're not cashing in on any fines.

There's plenty of traffic along Highway 90 in Milton.
Drivers here know to watch out for those red light cameras.
A recent study is raising some questions, with people wondering if these cameras are doing more harm than good.
But the mayor of Milton says, these cameras are doing exactly what they're supposed to do, and that is, to improve safety.

Drivers know when the light turns red, it's time to hit the brakes, or else you'll be smiling for the camera, and getting fined 158 dollars.

There are three intersections in Milton where you'll find these red light cameras. In two of those intersections, the number of crashes went down. Only one intersection saw an increase.
But all around, the city has been issuing fewer citations since the cameras were first installed three years ago.

Driving along Highway 90 on his way to work, Samuel Laster knows to watch out for the cameras.
He says, the intersection of Parkmore and Highway 90 used to see a lot of accidents. He hasn't seen much since the cameras went up.

"It makes me more cautious.. don't try to blow through a yellow light."

Much of the debate surrounding the red light cams has to do with how much cities are profiting from them.
But in Milton, the mayor says they're not getting a dime.
The money you pay from getting a citation goes to the state, and to the company installing these cameras.
Milton is not profiting because they only issue about 300 citations a month, not enough to generate any cash flow.
Still, some don't think these cameras are helping.

Legislative committee will be hearing from the authors of this study later this week.
Reporting from Santa Rosa County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.