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Dept of Homeland Security warns of terriost plans to use shoe type explosives on planes again

The Department of Homeland Security is warning US and other airlines that terrorists are looking for ways to smuggle explosives-laden shoes and other bomb-packed items onto planes. 
This comes after the government issued a similar warning over explosives that could be hidden in toothpaste or cosmetic tubes just two weeks ago.

But those concerns were tied to potential attacks around the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
It's a familiar scene at every airport across America: travelers stooped over at the security line, taking off their shoes. And now security screeners OVERSEAS will be paying even more urgent attention to passengers' footwear: The Department of Homeland Security has issued a new alert about a
 possible shoe-bomb attack.

"It certainly tells you that Al Qaeda is still fascinated with taking down planes // Now we're going back to shoes, which we've dealt with before."

For more than a decade, in fact. It was back in December 2001 - only three months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks - that Richard Reid boarded a US-
bound plane with plastic explosives built into the heel of his shoe. The bomb failed to detonate when he tried to light it, but this simulation shows
 what could have happened to the plane -BOOM-  with 197 passengers aboard.

Sources tell ABC News the new alert comes from credible intelligence gathered overseas. It also suggests that terrorist bomb makers have stepped
up their attempts to design liquid explosives and to hide them in cosmetic containers. Even though no specific plot has been identified, the broad goal
 remains the same: to smuggle explosives onto international commercial flights.

If it all sounds familiar, that's because terrorists have tried it before:
There was the London-based liquid explosive plot to blow up a US-bound planes over the Atlantic. And the underwear bomber who tried to take down a
plane on Christmas day over Detroit."I think aviation symbolizes something to Al Qaeda  and I think it also shows that we are vulnerable."

With so many travelers about to head home from the Sochi Olympics in Russia, you can see why authorities aren't taking chances.