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Stand Your Ground controversy continues in Florida

The former vice chairman of the citizens task force that studied Florida's Stand your Ground law is now calling on the governor to repeal the law.

The request is being made, in part, because of the Michael Dunn trial.
Dunn shot was found not guilty of first degree murder for killing a teen in 2012 during an argument over loud rap music.
Dunn fired 10 shots into an SUV Davis and his friends were in.
He claims it was self-defense.
Although Dunn's lawyers didn't cite the "Stand your Ground" law in the trial, critics of the measure say it played a part.

In the wake of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Governor Rick Scott appointed a citizens task force to study Stand your Ground.

It resulted in lots of talk and little else.
"Enough is enough"
Reverend RB Holmes was the task force's vice chairman.
With no action on its nine recommendations, Holmes says it is time to seriously re-think Stand your Ground.

Rev. RB Holmes, Former Task Force Vice Chair: "The moral thing to do, is to fix this law, amend this law, or simply repeal this law."
"Stand your Ground" was not invoked by the defense in the Michael Dunn trial in Jacksonville.

But critics, including the attorney for Trayvon Martin's family, say the law has created an atmosphere that encourages reckless behavior.

Ben Crump, Attorney: "We have to communicate that all life matters, all life is precious..."
Analysts say lawmakers are much more likely to lean towards repairing rather than repealing "Stand your Ground".

One bill they're considering would put limits on Neighborhood Watch volunteers.

Another would allow people to fire a warning shot and not be guilty of a crime
Rep Neil Combee, R-Lakeland: "It would allow somebody to say, you know, I've got a gun, to to show it, rather than to shoot somebody and then claim Stand your Ground."

Lawmakers were reluctant to do anything with the task force report or guns last year as the George Zimmerman trial was playing out.

This year could be different, but a call for a retreat from Stand your Ground will probably be largely ignored by lawmakers.