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Okaloosa Co police investigate church burglary

OKALOOSA COUNTY  --  Police are investigating another church burglary in Okaloosa County.
It's the 4th one in the last three weeks. 

All the churches are in the north part of the county.
The first two burglaries were in Baker last month.
Over the weekend, someone broke into the Antioch Baptist Church in Crestview.
A break-in at the Palm Chapel Primitive Baptist Church was discovered last night.

Laura Hussey "There's not a lot of visible damage at the Palm Chapel Primitive Baptist Church. You can see where someone tried to pry this window open. Must not have worked. Coming up to the side door, you have to look closely but here at the knob and the latch, you can see where it's been pried open, possibly with a crowbar."
The break-in was discovered just before Wednesday night Bible study.
Crestview Mayor David Cadle is a Deacon at the church; his father was the pastor there for nineteen years.

David Cadle "It was upsetting. You feel like someone had broken into your own home, is what it felt like to me."
Police aren't saying what was taken, but burglars haven't gotten much at any of the churches that have been hit. 
At Antioch Baptist Church in Crestview, they say thieves got one small item.
In Baker, they got an empty lockbox at one church, and a small amount of cash at another.   

Pastor Douglas Compton "You kind of have an idea. Grown folks usually don't do that."
Pastor Douglas Compton of New Life International thinks the burglars might be young people.
Or someone in such desperate circumstances that even a house of God becomes a target.

Pastor Compton "Most human beings have a fear of God, a reverence of God, in some form. But your conscience can get to the point to where well, God understands that I'm hungry."
The sheriff's office is updating all their emergency contacts with churches, and offering free security checks.

Laura Hussey "David Cadle says one thing the burglars didn't get is any Bibles, they're all accounted for. Too bad, he says, perhaps they could have used them."