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Kemba Smith tells her story

OKALOOSA COUNTY  --  Some students in Okaloosa County were able to hear one woman's story of how she landed behind bars..
And was eventually granted clemency from former President Bill Clinton ..
After serving 6 and a half years of a nearly 25 year sentence.

"Kemba Smith has a very emotional story full of drugs, abuse, and even prison time. She hopes by sharing her experience  she can touch today's youth and help them keeping from making the same mistakes."
Kemba Smith is Virginia and came from an average middle class family..
It wasn't until she went to college she thought she met the man of her dreams..
Until she found out he was a drug dealer and became abusive..
Her life came crashing down in 1994, her boyfriend was busted by law enforcement..
She had no prior criminal record but  mandatory minimum sentencing laws gave her an excessive punishment

Kemba was 24 and seven months pregnant when she was sentenced to 24 and a half  years in prison for conspiracy to participate in her boyfriend's drug activities.

Kemba Smith  "I've been doing this for 13 years and there is always someone who comes up to me afterwards saying how they are in a similar situation or they are trying to get out of a hopeless situation and how hearing my story has given them hope."

"I knew I wasn't criminally minded that my problem was that I allowed myself to be in an unhealthy relationship that took me down a path of self destruction."

"They've served 20 years and they are still sitting in federal prison hoping for the same opportunity I received."

Jerry Jones  'It is a topic that everybody needs to know about and the more we get that word out the more folks will get smart about it."
"Kemba's next stop is to travel to Washington DC to speak with the intercity youth."