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Santa Rosa County recycling problems

SANTA ROSA COUNTY  --  It's the story of how a few bad apples, can ruin it for everyone
Now two recycling dropoff sites in Santa Rosa County might be closed because people aren't following the rules

County commissioners are talking about closing the site at 5 Points and another one in Tiger Point.

This is one of the sites they are talking about closing. It's right off of Tiger Point Park Rd. The reason they are closing it is because it's a mess. People are dropping off stuff they aren't supposed to and just leaving it all over.

Across the street is a beautiful park.  Edward Smith brings his daughters here twice a week. He says it hard to ignore the eyesore...

I guess people don't pay attention, what to put in, sometimes big boxes, things regular trash won't take away.

The environmental department for the county says people are dumping furniture, construction debris and even dead animals. They put up cameras to try and catch the culprits. But it didn't work so now their only option is to close it.

And for those-who do follow the rules, they think its simply not fair!
You are punishing me when I want to recycle, then I have to go down the road to recycling, I thought maybe the cameras would keep people from dumping mattresses, anything there.

It hurts everybody, I was a school teacher for years, you punish the whole class cause one or two students misbehave.  Shouldn't be that way, but it is.

There will be 17 remaining drop off sites.
The county is expected to vote on this on Thursday.