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Hedgehog Breeder

Imagine quitting your job with one of the country's top companies to raise exotic animals.

I so hope my kids don't see this -- and if your children demand a hedgehog after this -- I'm sorry, but who could blame them???

They're adorable. They don't bite, chew or have any odor...So charming that Adam Goll quit his job with Apple, cashed in his stock --  to raise hedgehogs full time.

"It's like a new invention, everyone wants one but they don't know where to get one."
Goll's a USDA licensed breeder.  A sort of a hedgehog honcho.

"I've got people from California calling me, Georgia calling me, Miami calling me."
Goll says most folks think hedgehogs are rodents or porcupines.  They're neither. They're mammals that are insectivores -- cousin to the weasel and ferret.

There is an official hedgehog chow -- but Goll feeds his sixty or so cat food.

Hedgehogs can be litterbox trained and don't worry about the quills.  They're a bit rough, but not sharp and can't be released.
But there are some drawbacks.  They're nocturnal and need a certain climate.
"Very temperature sensitive where they can go into a hibernation phase, they need to stay at least 75-80 degrees."
Hedgehogs range from 90 to 300 dollars.  Their average lifespan is 5-7 years.
Goll's taken in 8 unwanted hedgehogs driving states away to save them.

"A lot of the rescues sometimes I'll keep 'em as pets, or I'll use 'em in educational programs."

Goll says before you  buy -- make sure your vet's on board.  He says only a handful of local ones treat them.