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Ft. Walton Beach couple busted for counterfeiting

Okaloosa deputies have made two arrests after several complaints of counterfeit money in the Ft. Walton Beach area.

Meghan Park  and Shawn Morse are both facing charges tonight.
Investigators say Morse admitted to investigators that he was giving the counterfeit cash to people in exchange for drugs.

As Channel Three's Rob Brown reports, deputies are still investigating and expect more arrests.

On February 7th, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department arrested two people in this Ft. Walton Beach neighborhood, and charged them counterfeiting money and drug possession. Neighbors said they had no idea it was taking place so close to their home.

Okaloosa deputies got nearly two dozen calls from businesses that received counterfeit money since the start of the year.
Investigators raided a home on Monahan Drive and found counterfeit bills, the equipment used to make them, and marijuana.
33-year-old, Shawn Morse, and 25-year-old, Megan Park, were arrested.
Deputies say the two were printing money and trading it for pre-paid cash cards and would then trade the cash cards for drugs.
Maria Tidmore's back yard connects to the home's.

Maria Tidmore "I don't think any of my neighbors knew about it either. Things like that, you don't know until after the fact."

Tidmore says she feels she lives in a safe neighborhood, and didn't expect anything like this.

Maria Tidmore "You don't think it's going to happen in your neighborhood, or next door. or whatever. So yeah, that was very surprising to me. It took me back a little bit."

John Campbell owns a home and business across the street.

John Campbell "I grew up here, in this house. So I've known the neighborhood..the times have changed. This is where my business is, I'm zoned commercial in the back yard. I'm just concerned about it."

Neighbors say that this case is extreme for this neighborhood, but that they'll be keeping a more cautious eye out in the future. Reporting Ft. Walton Beach, Rob Brown, Channel Three News.