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New toll road in Okaloosa County reveal hidden costs

OKALOOSA COUNTY   --  A new toll road in Okaloosa County is costing some drivers more than they thought.
The Mid-Bay Connector opened last month.

It's a bypass around Niceville that offers two payment options.   
Drivers can use Sunpass for a dollar, or "Toll by Plate" for a dollar-fifty.
Drivers who choose that option could be charged twice that amount.
Laura Hussey "If you're just going by the sign and you decide to use the "Toll-by-Plate" option on the Mid Bay Connector, you might figure 'My bill will be a buck-fifty'. When some drivers are getting that bill, they're also getting a surprise."
Toll by Plate means these cameras take a picture when a car drives underneath, and a bill for the toll is sent to the registered owner.
The sign clearly states the cost. what it does not say is there's also an administrative fee for sending the bill.
Like a number of drivers who have called the Mid-Bay Connector office, Fred Turnbow found out after the fact.

Fred "When it says on the placard there that it's a dollar and a half, and you find out when you get your bill in the mail that it's four dollars, because of a two dollar and fifty cent administrative fee, you're kind of shocked at what's going on here."
The director of the Mid-Bay Authority says they don't charge the fee; it's done by the state.
The two-fifty is charged once a month, not every time a driver uses the road.

Laura Hussey 'The director of the authority that runs the connector says they are getting new signs that tell people about the administrative fee."