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    07/22/14 20:23:55

    From the Florida Department of Health Escambia County: Effective immediately, in response to air quality monitoring, the FDOH-Escambia is issuing a health alert for the area surrounding the Wedgewood Community Center and the Rolling Hill Construction and Demolition Landfill in Escambia County, Florida. Click here

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CONSUMER ALERT: Dangerous chemical found in the color yellow

CONSUMER ALERT:  A Consumer Alert now about a dangerous chemical found in the dye -  for the color yellow!

In a new Rutgers study - scientists say just about everything yellow, from paint, to clothing, to toys contains a dangerous chemical called "PCB-11."

PCBS were banned 35 years ago -- the Environmental Protection Agency links them to cancer, and damaging  effects on the immune system.   Even the nervous system.
But PCB-11 is considered an unintentional by-product of pigment manufacturing-- it's not regulated as long as the concentrations aren't too high.
In the study, all yellow clothing tested had PCB-11 -- most were children's clothes.
Almost all paper with yellow ink had it too.
Lisa Rodenburg
Well, PCB 11 is one of the class of compounds called PCBS. And we know they are toxic. They can cause a range of different health effects.

Researchers say other pigments may contain PCB-11 as well.
The WPA says PCB-11 is being evaluated.
In the meantime, what can you do to avoid that sunshiny color in other products?
One of the he researchers says she washes any new yellow clothing for  her kids a few times in hot water before they wear it for the first time.