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Superbowl Fans

Today is Superbowl Sunday!!! Some of you are probably already getting up to prepare a feast.
    Tonight millions of people across the Country are picking sides and making bets.
But some people have found a little bit of a different way to figure out who will win.
    Melisa Raney takes a closer look.

Everyone has their reason to watch the super bowl.
From the big game itself, to the food!
    Even the commercials!

"Don't you think it's time we all get out own places? Nah!"

Lots of celebrities in the Super Bowl this year. We've got Arnold  for Bud Light. We've even got the Muppets in a Toyota ad so lots of celebrities.
    The national retail federation expects 181 million people will tune in.

And while the die-hard fans made their picks long ago, others are placing their bets with some help from animals.

This panda picked the broncos...
So did this penguin...

Things aren't looking so good for the Seahawks, because even this Sea Turtle chose Denver.

There's also the unpredictability of such a huge event.
    Like last year's black out...

We told our guys when the black out happened, that no matter what, we were going to win this game, we were going to find a way to win the game no matter what happened. I didn't really think at the time it was going to turn out to be that close to a goal line stand right there at the end. But that's the way football is played out. And that's the way Super Bowl's, these big games are. It's what makes the NFL so great.

And those who aren't big sports fans can always watch the puppy bowl.
The slobbery football-inspired event brought in a total of 12.4 million viewers last year.

Tickets for the super bowl run in the thousands of dollars.
The highest price paid this year according to stubhub is 13,530 dollars.
    25% more than last year.