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Two girls discovered to be halfsisters

What are the chances the children of a random sperm donor might find each other?
Apparently pretty good...At least in the case of two California teenagers with the same Colombian donor.

But the odds that the pair would actually meet up and discover their connection are fairly remote.
    But it happened.

The girls met online during a search for a college roommate.
Both were heading to Louisiana's Tulane University and started communicating online.

Then they became friends at school and joked about their similarities.

Mikayla: "She saw a post I made on Father's day that said something like 'thank you so much Colombian sperm donor for the x chromosome' (laughing) And she messaged me right after I posted that and said 'I don't want to be creepy, but I also have a Colombian sperm donor and wouldn't that be funny if we were sisters?'

Host: "And you both thought at that point it couldn't possibly."

Emily: "No. We just ignored it. We went all first semester being like 'oh that girl might be my sister.' so winter break her mom sits down with her and goes 'you know what, that's too much coincidence. You should really check that out .' and Mikayla's like 'hey do you have your number?' and I didn't and I was like it doesn't matter. We're not real sisters anyways."

Host: "Your donor number?"

Emily: "Yes the donor number. So then finally I'm like you know what let me just find it and my mom had access to it. So I found it and I texted her and she went 'no way!'"

Mikayla: "And I was sitting in a Dermatologist's office and it was super quiet in there and I was by myself and Emily said she had found the number and I said text it to me and I texted my mom and said text me my number and they both texted me at the same time. It was the same number. And I was just staring at my phone. I didn't know what to do. I think the only way to describe it is mind-blowing."

Emily: "I thought that she was joking. I thought that she was teasing me."

They say now they're playing catch-up and learning the basics about each other.