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FOLLOW UP: Man hospitalized after being beaten with a bat

A Ft. Walton Beach man is in the hospital this evening after a fight outside of his home.
The man confronted a motorcyclist speeding past his home.

Later in the evening a group of men ambushed him and his neighbor.
Channel Three's Rob Brown caught up with his wife and the other victim to find out how it all happened.
59:21 Rob Brown "Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call here on North Pine Street in Ft. Walton Beach late Saturday evening. A group violent attacked two residents, after a confrontation over what neighbors called a chronic speeding problem."

Saturday afternoon, Luke McEwan was watching football with family and friends.
Saturday night, he was in the ICU.
A confrontation with a man speeding ended with a threat from the motorist.

Hollie McEwan "What he said before was basically that he was going to send people down to the house to take care of my husband."

Later in the evening, a group approached.
Neighbor Joe Birr saw them coming.

Joe Birr "I went to check the street and I saw them coming down the road. So therefore I ran back into the garage, grabbed the baseball bats, and went back into my yard."

Birr said the group attacked.

Joe Birr "I guess one of them snuck behind me, hit me in the back of the head which dropped me therefore I dropped the bats, and then they proceeded to attack me."

McEwan's wife says it wasn't so much a fight, as a beating.
Okaloosa County deputies say McEwan was hit in the head with one of the bats during the skirmish.

Hollie McEwan "This wasn't a fight, its not like someone came over and punched my husband and they scuffled. This was an ambush and a brutal attack on my husband."

McEwan remains in ICU, and is stabilized.
He is expected to make a full recovery.
Hollie McEwan says her husband was trying to protect his family.

Hollie McEwan "My husband is a great husband and a wonderful father, and all he was trying to do was protect his family, and it escalated into something that should've never ever happened.

Neighbors say they've started a petition to get speed bumps and warning signs installed in the neighborhood. They hope to prevent this type of occurrence in the future. In Ft. Walton Beach, Rob Brown, Channel Three News.