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Cleaning up after the winter storms

ABC  --  The clean-up begins today after a couple inches of snow all but paralyzed parts of the south.
The city of Atlanta became "exhibit a" for how lack of familiarity with snow and ice can some southern states reeling.

Today, law enforcement agencies will help transport motorists to their abandoned vehicles that were clogging highways. The storm stranded thousands of people
 in cars, at stores, and children at their schools, overnight in Georgia and  Alabama. State Troopers in Georgia responded to more than 1,400 accidents,

With the National Guard helping 500 more. Some helped themselves and others stranded by chipping the ice off the roads. Schools across Georgia and Alabama are closed today. But the blame game is wide open -- with those affected demanding answers from their state and local officials.

Two days after a rare snow-and-ice storm paralyzed several southern states

This is something I've never seen covering Metro Atlanta
Among the hardest hit Atlanta, where highways are still littered with abandoned cars...

Just 2-inches of snow fell in the city  but it left children stranded in schools, caused hundreds of car accidents and brought traffic to a screeching halt for almost 24 hours.
But southern hospitality was on display throughout the crisis.. strangers helping strangers brought her some soup and said you just need to spend the night with us
And the National Guard handed out food to motorists who were stuck.
 It's just your basic nutrition.
 It's what your soldiers are eating in Afghanistan when out on patrols.."

But now.. those who were trapped in the gridlock want to know who was responsible for the traffic nightmare
I've been on the road for 16 hours, someone needs to be held accountable."

Authorities are blaming weather forecasters...For them being caught off guard..

"In most of the forecasts anticipated that the city of Atlanta would only have mild dusting or a very small accumulation if any

Atlanta's mayor even had a testy exchange on CNN There were thousand traffic accidents people got out of their cars on icy roads mayor: That's easy for you to say from your anchor seat no! I was stuck out in a traffic I was one of your people."

The weather service said don't blame us!
The National Weather Service saying they were "two days in advance, and they appropriately issued a series of outlooks, watches and warnings."

The president of the American Meteorological Society writing in his blog "the buses had a tough time getting kids home, but meteorologists should not be thrown under the bus."