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HEALTH NEWS: Myth or Fact: Coffee cause dehydration

Coffee everyone's heard that it can be dehydrating.
Now, researchers ask: Does that assumption hold water?

That first cup of coffee a morning ritual, a day-long addiction for many.
We often hear that the caffeine in coffee can dehydrate you.   True?

UK researchers decided to find out. 50 men in two groups:  One group told to drink four mugs of black coffee a day. The second, four mugs of water instead. Ten days later, the men switched what they drank -coffee drinkers switched to water, and vice-versa. All along, scientists tested their hydration levels throughout the experiment.

The surprise? Coffee did not dehydrate these men it was actually about as hydrating as plain water itself.

There are, of course, reasons not to overdo it on coffee: Caffeine jitters, insomnia, even, in some, signs of caffeine dependency.

But if you're worried about dehydration -- this new study says go ahead and pour a cup of Joe.

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