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LIVE: Ways to defrost your car

With the winter storm now in full swing, driving can be dangerous. It is important to be cautious, drive slowly and maintain three car lengths away from other vehicles.

WEAR reporter Will Kennedy has the tips on how to defrost your car

It is also vital to make sure your vehicle is ready to take on these hazardous conditions.

Remember to give yourself an extra 10 15 minutes to warm up your vehicle. If your windshield is iced over be sure to turn your defrost on high to melt the ice and use an ice-scrapper to remove the remaining ice.

It is important to remove as much snow and ice from your vehicle as possible to help improve visibility for yourself and other commuters around you.

A broom can be used to help clear off the bulk of the snow.

Do NOT use hot water to melt the ice from your windshield. Pouring hot water on very cold glass can cause the glass to crack or shatter. If there are any hairline cracks on your windshield and you pour hot water to melt the ice, the rapid change in temperature could cause the cracks to grow instantaneously.

Never try to jam your key into a frozen lock, you could bend your key or break your lock. A quick way to defrost your lock is to press your thumb against the lock for a few minutes. The warmth from your finger can melt the ice around and inside the lock enough for you to unlock it.

If your entire door is frozen you should apply pressure to your door by leaning on it. The pressure can break the ice around the edges of the door allowing you to open it. If that does not work use a scrapper to chip away the ice from the edges and then open your door. You can also use a battery-operated hair dryer to melt the ice around the edges of the door.

If you need traction for your tires, use kitty litter. If kitty litter is unavailable, use your vehicle's floor mats. Remember to take extra precautions during this winter storm in order to stay safe.