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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

NEW DETAILS: Crestview SWAT Standoff, one killed two officers injured

CRESTVIEW  --  New details about a deadly shoot out involving Crestview police officers overnight.

Officers were serving a warrant at a house on Savage Street around 11 pm.
Gun fire broke out.
A man was shot and killed.
Two officers, Beau Baier and Shane Kiser, were shot in the legs, their injuries are not life-threatening.
The man who was killed has not been identified.
The Crestview PD SWAT Team came to the house behind me to serve a search warrant.
What they got was a shootout.
As soon as the SWAT Team came through the front door, they were under fire.
Across the street, Debra Bowers dogs were acting nervous up and she knew something was wrong.

Debra "I called 911 and they told me to bring my dogs in and stay inside and everything. Cause I heard an explosion and then pow pow pow pow pow.?"    

Debra "I look out and there's cops everywhere, hiding behind trees and they're in their big old suits and everything"   
Police say their search warrant was the result of three-week investigation into "violent incidents" at the house.
Bowers believes there were several people inside when the SWAT Team showed up.

Debra "When I first look out, I see all these people running and everything, they're just scattering everywhere"      

Wayne Waggy "This is the wrong side of town for that. It's kind of scary"
Wayne Waggy's mother lives on Savage Street.
He says it's pretty quiet, but several neighbors had become suspicious of the same house.
Wayne "I know I would be out here talking to her, and there'd be somebody standing in the middle of the road, a car pull up and take off, and OK there's something going on down here"
Jack Sweck and his friends say there was no illegal activity at the house.
Sweck says the man who lived there was a good person, who once gave him a place to stay.

Jack Sweck "I would rather see my man in jail for twenty years, than to go to his funeral in a few days. It really hurts"   

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is leading the investigation.