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Okaloosa County preparations for dangerous roads

OKALOOSA COUNTY  --  Crews in Okaloosa County are also preparing for the storm.

They've ordered extra sand that's ready to go, in case freezing rain becomes a problem on roads and bridges.
Channel Three's Laura Hussey has more on their plans to deal with the storm.

Laura Hussey "For a couple of days now we're been talking about bridges and the worries with freezing rain. This is a great illustration right here.

This is the Highway 85 bridge over the Shoal River. When you talk about that cold air circulating all the way around, you can really see it here from the park under the bridge.

So clearly this stretch of pavement is going to get colder, faster, and it could become treacherous. As you're driving along, you're not sure if the slick that you're seeing is water or ice"
In Okaloosa County's Crestview Fleet Yard, sand was loaded onto trucks Tuesday afternoon.

They'll be pre-positioned along main corridors, ready to go if bridges ice over.
Kristin Martin drives over several bridges on the way to work.

I live in Shalimar and I work out past the outlets in Miramar Beach"
Since sand-spreaders aren't standard issue in Florida, county crews will improvise, using front-end loaders and graders to spread sand once it's dumped.
The city of Crestview also has trucks loaded with sand, standing by for the call.

Dante Holtz "I'm not too worried. I've seen snow before so it's very awesome. I mean yeah, it's a little slick and we don't do the snow-chain thing around here in Florida, but I'm ready for it"
Public works crews will inspect the roads early Wednesday morning, to see if and where sand is needed.

Laura Hussey "The city of Crestview has salt ready to sprinkle around public buildings if needed, and they've gassed up the chainsaws in case fallen limbs become a problem."