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Driving with 'Ice' on the roads

A big concern with this wintery weather is ice on the roads.
Many people in our area have *never driven in icy or snowy conditions.
Channel Three's Christina Leavenworth talked to an expert today on how to handle it.
Right now, these sand trucks are loaded and ready to go, to help drivers out....
But there is only so much the sand can do.
If the roads get icy, they get scary, so I found someone who made his living off of driving to help with a few pointers.
You typically only see scenes like this up north not in Florida right?! Well come Tuesday and Wednesday we could sleet and snow

So we found someone who might just know a thing or two about driving....
Tim Bryant is a former race car driver and he owns Five Flags Speedway.

Everybody that has raced cars, have been in uncontrolled slides, its really a helpless feeling

Well if the roads get icy, the everyday driver may experience that feeling too.  He says the best  thing to do is to slow down, and watch the conditions.  But if you do get into a slide, the worst thing to do is to brake hard.   The key is to turn the wheel into the direction of the skid....

Once you get to that point, don't panic, don't hit the breaks, keep your wits about you

Paramedic Kevin Merrit says folks really need to listen to this advice....

I'm going to be careful , no one knows how to drive in snow, we are in Florida here, we aren't used to it, I expect there to be a lot of wrecks

He says it's going to take everyone, including them,  a little longer to get where they need to go...

We are in that big truck that will be slipping and sliding too.
Since this is unusual for us, we found a guy from Wisconsin, who may have offered the best advice..

That's simple stay home.
Crews will be laying sand out on any icy roads, but they can't do that until we actually see snow or ice...
So all they can do now is prepare.