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Ransom Middle School teacher may go on one-way trip to Mars

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --A science teacher at Ransom Middle School in Cantonment may be going on a one-way trip to Mars.

Last summer more than 200,000 people applied to go on the trip.
Last week around a thousand of them were chosen by the "Mars One" program to move on to the next round.
Louis O'Rear was one of them.
Reporter Joe Douglass: Why do you wanna go live on Mars?"
Louis O'Rear, Mars One Candidate: "Why not?"
Louis O'Rear - known as mister "O" to his students - says he's aware it's a long shot.
But the 49 year-old husband and father of two is very serious about his desire to live out the rest of his life on Mars.

Reporter Joe Douglass: "How does your wife feel about this?"
Louis O'Rear, Mars One Candidate: "She wasn't real happy at first. But she's gotten used to it now."
The Mars one program is a non-profit organization based in Holland, looking to raise about six billion dollars for the project.
Their goal is to send 40 people to colonize Mars in 2025.

Bas Lansdorp, Co-Founder, Mars One: "The next giant leap for mankind."
The group is no joke, with several high profile scientists involved.
And it's already contracted Lockheed Martin to come up with a Mission Concept study.

Louis O'Rear, Mars One Candidate: "If the universe is the best classroom, of course experience is the best teacher."
As part of his application, mister o sent in this video and filled out a lengthy questionnaire.
The next step is a medical examination.

Louis O'Rear, Mars One Candidate: "It's so far in the future. There's no way I'd start packing my socks and underwear yet."
Mister O's  students say their teacher would be missed but they support his goal.

Levi Shaffer, Student: "It's really cool that I can later on when I'm in college and he's up in space, I can point at my roommate and say hey, 'You see that guy right there, I know that guy!'"

Christdelynn Burns, Student: "It kinda makes me wanna learn more to see that people could actually live there."

Louis O'Rear, Mars One Candidate: "I want my students to know that it's important not what your dream is but to have a dream. And I've always wanted to explore space, always!"