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Effects of the winter storm on some paychecks

Because the roads were unsafe many businesses shut down for three days...
And that cost workers paid by the hour... A lot of money.
You can still find ice in some shaded spots all over Escambia County, but as you can see here the ice is starting to melt and drip down and that's a good sign because that means people are back to their day to day routine."
Ryan Freeman is a server at Hopjacks.   If he doesn't work he doesn't get paid.
Because the roads were closed, he was out of work for three days.

Ryan Freeman  "I never thought that would happen. I've lived here my whole life and it snowed... I think this is  the second time now and I never thought this would happen . I never thought I'd be snowed out of work for three days."
Now that the ice has melted Freeman has returned to work hoping to make up missed wages.

"It's much needed... much needed."
Several bridges and roads were shut down during the hard freeze.
Many who tried to brave the icy weather found out quickly how dangerous the roads were...

Many were pleased by the way the county reacted to the weather...

Stephanie Mouldin  "I think everything was good I think it's good they closed those roads, so people didn't get out and have a lot of wrecks."

Kay Gindlesperger  "We aren't set up for it here there is no salt trucks out and you know we don't have snow tires on our vehicles like we do up in Pennsylvania, so there was just no reason to be on the roads ."

"Now this is sight many thought they'd never see here in Florida and we might not ever see it again. I'm just glad it's starting to warm up."