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Crime rate sees biggest drop in 14 years

PENSACOLA The Pensacola Police Department says the citys crime rate saw its biggest drop in 14 years.  This week, the department released its annual crime report to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.    John and Kelly Murray often jog their East Hill neighborhood without concern for their safety. They moved to Pensacola two years ago. The city's crime rate was one of their main concerns before making the move.   "Moving from Gulf Breeze, where there was very little crime out there and into the city.  You just have to remember the smart stuff, lock your doors, turn your alarm on and lock your car" said John Murray, Lives in Pensacola.   Over the last two years... crime within Pensacola's city limits has dropped. Pensacola's Police Chief credits the drop in crime to a stronger police presence, and neighbors looking out for each other.   "We're working more with these neighborhood associations, than law enforcement agencies in the 70s and 60s where they were more traditional, you do the crime, we're going to chase you down" said Chip Simmons, Pensacola Police Chief.   The Pensacola Police Department's annual crime report filed to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows an overall 14-percent drop in the city's crime. The report compares 20-12 to 20-13. Violent crime dropped 18-percent. Non-violence crimes dropped 14-percent. Home burglaries dropped 39-percent. And there were also fewer homicides.   "I'm very excited to hear that" said Cassie Metzjer, Lives in Pensacola.   John and Kelly's neighbor, Cassie Metzjer just moved in from Ohio. She was unaware of Pensacola's declining crime rate... but she's happy to hear it.   "It feels very safe, so hearing the statistics makes me feel even better about it" said Metzjer.   The FDLE will document Pensacola Police Departments report along with other law enforcement agencies in the coming months.   PPD Crime Report           2,012  -  2,013   Violent Crimes                    473         389 Non-Violent Crimes           3,032     2,613 Residential Burglaries        525         219 Homicides                            7              3