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HEALTH NEWS: Healthy ways to feel satisfied

You know the feeling...
It's not even close to the end of the day and you are hungry again.
Some healthy ways to feel full or satisfied to help you steer clear of those extra calories. 

Temptation is everywhere and it comes in many shapes and sizes.  So how do you stop yourself from giving in and wrecking your healthy diet? 

When you're trying to lose weight its really important to feel full so that you can stave off hunger. And feeling full for longer can help you to lose weight in the long run.

Registered Dietitian Marisa Moore says the key to this is, in one word, balance.

If you're getting the right combination of nutrients-you're getting your carbohydrates, your fiber, your protein, it actually helps you to feel more satisfied and that can help you to eat fewer calories throughout the entire day.

Experts recommend protein at every meal- from foods like fish, lean meat, chicken, beans, nuts, tofu or greek yogurt.

But don't forget the whole grains.
Whole wheat is just one option but you could try whole rye bread as well. There's a variety of different options to include. You might do brown rice versus white rice. Or you can even try a newer grain like Quinoa instead of rice.

And, like mom always said, eat your veggies. They, along with water and fruit, can help keep you from thinking about food all day long.

Tips to help you turn away from temptation.
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