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Escambia County ready to combat icey roads

One of the biggest concerns is ice on the roads. that could lead to a lot of wrecks.
Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth joins us now live with more on the plan to keep the roads safe.

This is something that we really aren't accustomed to here.
We know flooding, we know hurricanes, but ice and snow is an entirely different story.
Most places they use salt to melt the snow, well we don't have that, but we do have sand... So trucks throughout our three county region are loaded with sand and ready to go.

Ask anyone here in Florida and they will tell you how rare it is to see snow....
"I think it would be awesome, I remember when it snowed '77, have pics to prove it."

"Last time I saw snow I was 8 or 9 years old so I'd like to see it."
While the snow may be fun, driving on it... Isn't.

"I'm going to be careful, no one knows how to drive in snow, we are in Florida here, we aren't used to it, I expect there to be a lot of wrecks."

The Florida Department of Transportation is preparing the best they can. Seven sand trucks are loaded and ready to go. They will be spread out on state roads between all three counties...

"It keeps ice down and gives you more traction on the roads."
On the county level... Santa Rosa County has crews on standby to monitor bridges and spread sand.

But in Escambia County, they say we don't have the resources to deal with icy roads so they are urging people to stay home

FDOT says, unfortunately sand can only do so much.... if they can even use it... One big concern is if the sand gets wet, it will freeze and won't be able to be spread out.... so FDOT is  watching out for that by keeping it under an awning.

They will also be watching the bridges closely as the temperatures drop.. because of the moisture underneath they are typically the first to freeze.
They can't lay any sand until there is actually ice, so this is really all they can do until we see what mother nature brings us.