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Pace community affected by Kendra's passing

SANTA ROSA COUNTY -- The community is mourning the loss of Kendra Fendt after she died from complications with the flu.

Fendt's battle with the flu has affected many people within the Pace community. 
Many are keeping Kendra's family in their prayers.

"When it comes from someone in your own community, it really hits home" said Phil Wolfe, Pace resident.

Although Phil Wolfe didn't know Fendt personally, her untimely passing is still hard to understand.

"Knowing she was a young lady, and there was a child involved and a husband and other family members, it's very disheartening and very sad" said Wolfe.

Fendt developed the flu while she was pregnant.  Doctors took her daughter Meredith before full term.  Fendt was airlifted to UAB Hospital in Birmingham for treatment.  Her family created a Facebook page to follow her progress which has garnered more the 9,000 likes.

"I've only followed it online and heard through people in the community and have just been praying for the family" said Christy Klein, Pace resident.

This past week, Fendt had passed away.  The young mother's battle with the flu has many concerned for their own health as peak flu season nears.

"My wife made comment last night I may want to get that flu shot, but there's issues with that, at times I've had flu shots and gotten sick after the fact" said Wolfe.

"I'm all about cautionary measures and if anybody desires to have the flu shot go get it because apparently it's the one covering this strain of flu and I would not want to see this happen to anybody else" said Janna Hand, Pace resident.

The University of Florida has reported that 12 people have died from the flu at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. 
The report noted 11 of the victims did not get a flu vaccine.  The Shands report says the year H1N1 strain of the virus is affecting people under 40 years old. 
Five of the 12 who died were under 40. 
177 people died of the flu statewide just last week.

Fendt leaves behind her husband and newborn daughter.