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Florida woman receives job offer after being released from prison

The Florida woman recently set free after the court threw out her failed stand your ground conviction, has a job offer on the table.
A Jacksonville Church says it wants to help Marissa Alexander get back on her feet.
She has been a part of our extended family if you will, to the point of being like a daughter that we didn't have.
Needless to say, the past few years have been difficult for Pastor Al Berry and his family, seeing Marissa Alexander jailed, convicted and sent to prison.
But there's a new ray of hope for them, as she's set for a new trial and just days ago released on bond until then.

It's something she says she's thankful for this Holiday season.
She's glad to be home obviously, she's glad to be with her family and that's what we were praying for. It's good that it happened during this time where she can be with her children and her parents and her other siblings as well.

Pastor Berry is her the Godfather of her twins. He's also one of those who spoke in court, promising the judge he'd offer her a job at his Church if she got out.
A custodial position at the Church where in she would be accounted for in terms of employment. And that was on record during the bond hearing and that offer is still in effect.

"Is that something you think she'll take you up on?" "If that is necessary, yes."
He says they've got a long way to go, but spirits are high and he's telling her to take things one step at a time.

Well why don't we let her settle in, and processed the idea of being home and let her get acclimated to the family environment and then we'll go from there.
"But the offer still stands?" "The offer still stands."