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Big changes coming to the GED test

Starting in January, big changes are in store for the GED test.
It will be tougher and more expensive.
People are scrambling to either finish the current test, or be forced to start all over.

Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth breaks down the changes.

It's hard to find an empty chair inside the testing centers at Pensacola State College. Each testing room is packed with students taking the GED so they don't have to take the new 2014 test.

John Ellis has taken 4 tests in the past two days just so he doesn't have to do the new one.

"I'm taking math and science now, and social studies next week."

Why the rush?

"Pretty much heard its going to be twice as hard, its going to be more work, going to be way harder that's why I want to get it done now...."

Testing advisers say the test won't necessarily be harder, but it will be different. Catherine Meyers schedules the testing and says the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"Somewhere in this great mind, it was decided the GED test needed to change and it does its been around since 2002...students are under the impression that the new test is harder, its not harder, its more of a challenge, rather than it being completely multi choice, there are some short answers and its making students lose their mind."

They are also doing away with paper tests, those cost about 70 bucks to take, and the price to take it on a computer will now be about $130.
With all the students rushing to take the exam before the end of the year, now every testing session is full.

"I have gotten phone calls from people wanting to take, it, i have no slots, students waited until the last minute, they are wanting us to provide a way, every school we are bending over backwards, to accomodidate students but we can't."

She says northwest florida state college and bishop state in mobile are the only facilities that have any openings.
She says if you have already started your GED, push to get in to finish it, but if you haven't even started the exams, its probably best to wait until next year.

"Just go ahead and accept that you are going to have to take the new test, I promise I'm not allowed to read the whole test but I have seen bits and piece, and its not that its hard...answers are not just there as they would be for multi choice questions."

At Pensacola State College, Christina Leavenworth, Channel 3 News.